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Taking 3 slots
Will only take DA Points
Examples found in my gallery with Prices in the description
Every character added will be 100 pts

I will not draw NSFW or anything Holiday related unfortunately (I am a JW)
I will not draw humans since I'm not very good when it comes to humans
I don't do genitalia
Anyhow you can pay me after I finish the commission :3
Thank you for reading
Okay for those who are subscribbled to me on YouTube, I am currently working on 2 videos which both will be animation memes. As you can see on my google+ I'm working on the Perfect meme now. Be aware these memes will be colored and shaded and detailed for me so it's gonna take longer than usual. Sorry for the wait but it's hard when every new song or idea you learn about u make new characters and think about them for days UGH. But ye. Nothing else to say so SEE YA SOON FRIENDOS :3